I am Nicolas Tajan, French scholar and psychoanalyst based in Kyoto, Japan.

Research and Teaching: For those who wish to study abroad at Kyoto University please visit the Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis Lab and feel free to attend the seminar I co-organize with Matsumoto Takuya. Kyoto University students can register to my classes in English: “Psychopathology”; “Frontiers in Psychopathology” (ILAS seminar); Psychoanalysis I & II.

Counseling, Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis: I am a licensed psychologist (France) and I offer psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in English and French (Kyoto office). Please note that I do not prescribe medication or involve in emergency repatriation: English speaking psychiatrists in Kansai are here. For couple counseling, online counseling, addiction counseling, psychological assessments, please contact TELL’s Intake Coordinator who will address your situation and be able to place you with an appropriate therapist. intakesubmission@telljp.com

Nicolas Tajan, PhD (Psychopathology)

Program-Specific Associate Professor, Kyoto University

Psychoanalyst, Kyoto Office