I am Nicolas Tajan, French scholar and psychoanalyst based in Kyoto, Japan.

Research and Teaching: For those who wish to study abroad at Kyoto University please visit the Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis Lab and feel free to attend the seminar I co-organize with Takuya Matsumoto. Kyoto University students can register to my classes in English: “Psychopathology”; “Frontiers in Psychopathology” (ILAS seminar); Psychoanalysis I & II.

Counseling, Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis: I am a licensed psychologist (France) and I offer psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in English and French (Kyoto office). Please note that I do not prescribe medication or involve in emergency repatriation: English speaking psychiatrists in Kansai are here. For couple counseling; online counseling; addiction counseling; and psychological assessments, please contact TELL’s Intake Coordinator who will address your situation and be able to place you with an appropriate therapist. intakesubmission@telljp.com

Nicolas Tajan, PhD (Psychopathology)

Program-Specific Associate Professor, Kyoto University

Psychoanalyst, Kyoto Office