Hikikomori in Nature (Journal of Science, 2004 & 2011)

Two short quotations extracted from two articles published by the International Journal of Science ” Nature “. Made in Japan, Nature, 474, 541–542, (30 June 2011): ” Japan’s economy is stagnant, and even its high-tech manufacturing base is being edged out by countries such as China and South Korea. Its population is greying. Its youngsters […]

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City Lights: a movie about Japanese youth フリーター、二ート

日本人の若者について「フリーター、二ート」の映画(2010)。 ここにクリックしてください (日本語 sub フランス語) http://www.festivalpointdoc.fr/city-lights-portraits-d-une-generation-perdue.htm フランス人の作った映画は:ロラン ドロテ と ボツル ダビヅ “City Lights, portrait d’une generation perdue” is a movie of David Beautru and Dorothee Lorang. It is in Japanese subtitled in French (2010, 30 minutes). You can see it online here: http://www.festivalpointdoc.fr/city-lights-portraits-d-une-generation-perdue.htm Pour ceux qui sont en France: Exposition Dorothée Lorang et David Beautru。Du 18 janvier au 10 février 2013, Gare d’Anjou (Projection […]

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Hikikomori : ces jeunes enfermés chez eux (French magazine)

Un dossier sur le hikikomori paru dans le numéro de Janvier/Fevrier du magazine “Cerveau et Psycho”. Ecrit par le journaliste Marc Gozlan qui a interrogé le psychiatre japonais Kato Takahiro, la psychiatre française M. Guedj-Bourdiau, le psychiatre-psychanalyste français Serge Tisseron (et moi même !).

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Selected Bibliography about Hikikomori: articles in English (1986-2012)

Selected Bibliography about Social Withdrawal (hikikomori) and School Absenteism (futôkô), from 1986 to 2012. All the references are academic articles, in English, except two in French and one in Italian. *** Borovoy, Amy. 2008. “Japan’s hidden youths: Mainstreaming the emotionally distressed in Japan.” Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry (32): 52–56. Chong, Stella Suk-ching, and Kar-Mon Chan. […]

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