Hikikomori in Nature (Journal of Science, 2004 & 2011)

Two short quotations extracted from two articles published by the International Journal of Science ” Nature “.

Made in Japan, Nature, 474, 541–542, (30 June 2011):

” Japan’s economy is stagnant, and even its high-tech manufacturing base is being edged out by countries such as China and South Korea. Its population is greying. Its youngsters are hiding, sometimes literally, as hikikomori (who shut themselves away in their homes), with graduate and postdoctoral scientists increasingly less likely to venture abroad for training. “

Mental Health: Asia’s tigers get the blues, Nature, 429, 696-698 (17 June 2004)

” In Japan, meanwhile, roughly a million youths have turned their backs on society. Some lock themselves in their rooms to sleep all day and play computer games all night. This social phobia — known as hikikomori — is seen as a symptom of a young generation unable to cope with socio-economic uncertainties. The decades-long Japanese economic boom has collapsed, with the emergence of an unemployed underclass. “

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