Suicide after Ijime in France and Japan

Boy on high school baseball club kills self after repeat scolding by coach

OKAYAMA — A student assistant to a high school baseball team committed suicide here last year after the team coach verbally attacked him repeatedly, the Mainichi Shimbun has learned.

According to the Okayama Prefectural Board of Education, the 16-year-old student at Okayama Sozan Senior High School was found dead near his house in Okayama on the morning of July 26 last year. No suicide note was found.

While the board has not confirmed the causal relationship between the teacher and baseball coach’s frequent rebukes and the boy’s suicide, after interviewing baseball club members it wrote to the student’s parents, stating, “There were disciplinary measures and comments that may have gone too far.”

Following a request from the boy’s parents, the education board interviewed students on the baseball team in October and November last year. The boy entered the baseball club as a player, but quit in June 2012, and had told his friends that he was being severely scolded by the coach.

The student reentered the club as an assistant on July 23, and on the same day was yelled at by the coach to take notes on the blackboard. The coach ordered him to shout louder during a July 25 practice and called him out onto the field afterwards for yet another round of scolding. On the way home that day, the student said to his classmates, “I’m not a team assistant. I’m just there.”

The coach had been seen yelling phrases such as “I’ll kill you” at players during practices and brandishing a chair during games. He told the education board that he was sorry and said, “I thought I was just passionately teaching the students discipline, but I might have gone too far.” The school replaced him as baseball coach in November last year.

School principal Katsuhiro Hiromoto told reporters at a Feb. 13 news conference, “We can’t tell if scolding caused the suicide. We haven’t confirmed any bullying or physical punishment, but we can’t say for sure whether discipline went too far. We will talk with the education board to consider setting up a third-party ivestigation.”

February 13, 2013(Mainichi Japan)

Ce sont les parents qui ont trouvé leur fils pendu dans sa chambre et les secours, arrivés rapidement sur place, n’ont rien pu faire. Les parents ont affirmé avoir prévenu la direction du collège des difficultés relationnelles de leur fils au sein de sa classe de 4eme. Il aurait même pris récemment un coup au visage. Les moqueries et brimades auraient commencé dès son arrivée au 6e au collège, notamment parce qu’il était roux, avance BFM TV.

Une enquête a été ouverte par la gendarmerie d’Albertville pour comprendre les circonstances du drame et s’il était «prévisible».


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