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Degree: Doctorat (PhD), Psychopathology (2014)
MA, Philosophy & Psychoanalysis (2009)
MA, Child and Adolescent Psychology (2005)

Professional Training. I have trained in various psychoanalytical associations, including but not limited to years of seminars, workshops, clinical groups, reading groups, group supervision, and individual supervision. I was also trained in psychoanalytic family therapy for two years, and part of my training and clinical practice focuses on counseling infants and their mothers. Individual psychoanalysis (9 years).

Clinical Practice (9 years). My professional experience includes working in a medico-social institution for children and adolescents (1 year), the Neuropediatrics department of a Children’s hospital (1 year), an adolescent psychiatric hospital (1 year), Welfare services (2 years), and a guidance center (4 years) where I have conducted psychotherapy with children, adolescents and families. Counseling in Kyoto.

Scientific Research. As a scholar, my courses deal with intellectual history (Kansai French Institute) and psycho-social issues in Japan (Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts). I have been researching for 6 years at Kyoto University Institute for Research in Humanities, on acute social withdrawal and trauma (2011-2017). My investigations in history and anthropology of mental medicine continue as a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH-NCNP Japan). I am involved in research projects and seminars at Ritsumeikan U., Kyoto U., Paris U. (France) and McGill U. (Canada). I am a reviewer for journals such as Transcultural Psychiatry and Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry. More details in Publications.

Professional organizations.

  • Japanese Society of Transcultural Psychiatry
  • International Mental Health Practitioners Japan
  • Lacan Society of Japan
  • Le Pari de Lacan Association
  • European Association of Japanese Studies

Publications (English, français, 日本語)

In English (peer-reviewed journals)

  1. Traumatic dimensions of hikikomori: A Foucauldian note Asian Journal of Psychiatry (2017)
  2. Hikikomori: The Japanese Cabinet Office’s 2016 Survey of Acute Social Withdrawal The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus (2017)
  3. Japanese post-modern social renouncers: An exploratory study of the narratives of Hikikomori subjects Subjectivity (Palgrave top viewed paper 2015)
  4. Social withdrawal and psychiatry: A comprehensive review of Hikikomori Neuropsychiatrie de l’enfance et de l’adolescence (2015)
  5. Adolescents’ school non-attendance and the spread of psychological counselling in Japan Asia-Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy

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En français

  1. Livre “Génération Hikikomori” Harmattan ebook 28,99€ ou 35,15€ prix éditeur 37 euros
  2. La dépression au Japon (Kitanaka) Cipango – Cahiers d’Études japonaises
  3. État des lieux, points communs et différences entre des jeunes adultes retirants sociaux en France et au Japon (Hikikomori) L’évolution psychiatrique Accessible sur researchgate
  4. Approches psychiatriques, associatives et cliniques du hikikomori Accessible sur researchgate

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