Kyoto Office

Who? Children, adolescents, adults, families.

What? Counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis.

Where? The office is in Kyoto, 4 minutes by foot (350 meters) from shichijo keihan station, and 15 minutes (1.3 km) by foot from Kyoto station (JR). Address and detailed directions will be disclosed during the first contact.

When? Mondays (17:00-19:15) and Wednesdays (16:15-18:30) available.

How much? The session’s fee can be partially negotiated depending on the budgetary needs of patients. Each person pays according to his or her financial means.

How? During the first session, we will discuss your needs and the potential solutions counseling may provide. Based on this information we will determine a schedule for sessions, including the frequency of visits and the sessions’ fee. 

Not searching for psychoanalytical approach? For couple counseling; online counseling; addiction counseling; psychological assessments, CBT or EMDR, please contact TELL’s Intake Coordinator who will address your situation and be able to place you with an appropriate therapist.

Do not hesitate to ask questions and send a message.

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Thank you.

Nicolas Tajan

NOTICE FOR PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS & INSURANCE COMPANIES: I do not prescribe medication or involve in emergency repatriation: English speaking psychiatrists in Kansai are listed below.


Dr. Kishimoto Tel: 075-752-8555

Kishimoto Clinic 岸本 クリニック〒605-0009京都市東山区三条大橋東入大橋町94三条鈴木ビル5階

Dr. Sugawara Tel: 075-351-4111

Sugawara Clinic 菅原クリニック〒600-8216 京都市下京区塩小路通烏丸西入東塩小路町579番地1 山崎ビル8F

Dr. Nakajima Tel: 075-462-3700

Nakajima Clinic中嶋クリニック Kyoto-shi Kita-ku Kitano Nishi Hakubai-cho 75  京都府京都市北区北野西白梅町75


Dr. Junko Takaishi Tel: 06-6346-0777

Takaishi Clinic 高石クリニック 大阪市北区梅田1-2-2 大阪駅前第2ビル2階 200 Osaka-shi Kita-ku Umeda 1-2-2 Osaka ekimae dai-2 building 2F Suite 200


Dr. Michihiro Takahashi Tel: 0797-31-0888

Takahashi Clinic高橋心療クリニック 兵庫県芦屋市船戸町4-1 ラポルテ本館403 Hyogo ken,Ashiya-shi, Funado-cho 4-1 Laporte Honkan Suite 403

Prospective clients:

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