Adult psychotherapy and psychoanalysis: from 5000 yens.

Couple & family counseling: from 8000 yens.

Child & adolescent assessment: from 8000 yens

Child & adolescent counseling: from 3000 yens

The session’s fee is negotiated depending on the budgetary needs of patients. Each person pays according to his or her financial means. During the first session, we will discuss your needs and the potential solutions counseling may provide. Based on this information we will determine a schedule for sessions, including the frequency of visits and the sessions’ fee. It is frequent that sessions last around 45 minutes.

Spoken languages are French, English and Japanese.

Do not hesitate to ask questions and send a message.

Contact: n.tajan2@gmail.com

Tel: 080-8346-8771

Note: I do not offer couple counseling and counseling for patients with a drug addiction. Counseling for pre-school children within the autism spectrum is decided case by case.

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