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Le Monde (in French)

Hikikomori : le retrait social des jeunes au Japon (VIDEOS)

La journée d’études sur le hikikomori est disponible sur Canal-u.

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French movie on hikikomori (à l’écoute du silence 2013)

A new French movie coming soon about hikikomori (50 minutes).

Dorothée Lorang and David Beautru went for a few weeks at Newstart (January February 2013) for a movie project with people at newstart who were on a hikikomori situation (and nîto).

They will show it in the city of Rennes (France in a few days. More details in French here :

The trailer of their project was published in vimeo two years ago :

They will upload the new version soon.

And there was also a previous trailer about the “lost generation” (2010)

Mission “santé mentale” (Assemblée Nationale, France)

Assemblée nationale. Mission sur la santé mentale

Commission parlementaire sur la pédopsychiatrie le 16 Mai 2013.

Auditions du 31 Janvier 2013 (Rouillon, Oury, Roelandt)

Audition de Jean Oury sur ma chaîne Youtube.

Playlist en cinq parties (durée totale environs une heure) ci dessous.